26 YouTube Not Paying? Why That’s a Good Thing

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Recently YouTube made a change to who and when it pays its “Partners” and that got a view people up in arms.  Mostly because they thought it unfairly targeted small YouTube creators or channels.  Most of those on Social Media complaining were mentioning subscriber base when the changes put a minimum on LIFETIME VIEWS of the channel before the creator can join the YouTube Partner Program (YPP) and start having ads run and getting paid via AdSense.

Click to Read YouTube Blog Post on This Change

I see that as a good thing. It will motivate those of us who tend to sit on the fence and watch others on YouTube talk about their YouTube business.  If you want to make YouTube part of your business plan or your income, you need to get out there and start doing something. Start making videos with quality content that people will want to watch.  Don’t focus on the subscriber number as much as the view count.

Stop having multiple YouTube channels and consolidate if you have too many.  Some people think they need a separate channel because of the topic.  If it’s in the same niche, you can have it all on one channel, just separate them into different playlists.   I’m in the middle.  After consolidating,  I have two channels, two different niches. One channel is way over the 10K views and the other is just under the 10K viewership requirement.

So this change will motivate others like myself to get busy making more (quality) videos on the lower view channels.  Something I have been telling myself I need to be doing for a long time now!  See? I practice what I preach!

YouTube is the king of the video marketing jungle and even if this is not what you want to hear if you want to make videos a part of your business, you still need to play by their rules.  This change will help kill off some of the bad channels, not all, but it is a start and I do believe that in the long run, this will benefit everybody.

As a little reminder: Never have just one income stream.  If you get banned from YouTube or it somehow does go away, you should have another stream.  E-books, newsletter, affiliate marketing.  There are other ways for you to make money.

As Always, I would love your thoughts, questions, and comments. Be nice and I will be nice back!

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