17 Using Fiverr in Your Business

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Using Fiverr in your business
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When working as a one-person office or a small team on a tight budget, maybe even a tight deadline, you think about outsourcing some parts of the project. If I need it fast and don’t want to deal with bidding, project consultations and such, I head to Fiverr.com

Fiverr is one of those sites you need to go into knowing what you want and not get distracted by all the other shiny objects and strange things you may see in there.  Put into search what you want (logo, transcription, etc) and see what pops up.   Sellers on there begin selling their “gigs” for $5. A Fiverr…  And it will amaze you what people will do and what people pay $5 for.  So be warned.  It can be a time sucker being amazed by them all.

Once a seller builds up a few sales, they can begin to expand their offerings;  Better quality, faster turn-arounds, etc…  Each seller has a portfolio and a place to tell you about themselves.  They also have reviews from previous customers.  I tend to study what they write and include in their portfolio.  I want someone who can explain what they do and why I need to hire them.  That will trump rave reviews.  If they want the Gig, I believe they will put some time into their portfolio.

I have used Freelancer and elance.  I like them for larger projects where I have more time to sort out bids, better define the project.  But when in a hurry and need it knocked out NOW, Fiverr  saves the day.

In all my time on Fiverr, I have had two or three issues and either the seller refunded the money or fixed the issue. But most times I get what I need the first time out.

What do I use Fiverr.com for?

  • Transcription
    When I have a cool interview and need to turn it into search engine food, I have the audio made into a text and post it.
  • Graphics/Banners
    I am not a visually creative person. Thankfully there are people.  When I need a quick banner or graphic specific to a project.  I use Fiverr.com
  • WordPress Issues
    Ok, I have a lot of WordPress resources at my disposal. But when short on time and desperate for an answer.  I let someone else figure the problem out and send me the answer.
  • Voiceover Work
    My Podcast Voiceover is by: Chris Lovingood

How  Have You Used Fiverr for Your Business?

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