11: The Power of a Podcast

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This week I want to talk about  The Power of  a Podcast.  Not about “how to podcast” or “who should podcast”.  But to look at the power a podcast has for the small business owner looking to become an expert in their field.  I also need to talk about the power the podcast has in terms of  the person looking to market their business or services on a podcast.

This is not new to me, I have been doing podcasting in one for or another since 2006 with my first one being The Vegas Tourist Podcast with my best friend from Minnesota “Sazzy”.

When you think about it, Podcasting is probably the most powerful marketing tool in the digital world for a small business or any business.

Here’s Why

Focused Audience – People don’t just spin a dial and find a podcast while driving or exercising.  They seek it out.  They look for a specific topic to listen to.

Captured Audience –  People who listen to podcasts are yours.  They are listening to you and no one else.  It’s not like radio, when they turn off the car, they lose the show…  With Podcasts, they can come back to your show and pick up right where they left off.

You become their expert – If you deliver quality, focused  content on a regular basis, the listener starts to know, trust and respect you.  They chose your podcast for a reason.  So they will stay as long as you continue to honor your promise to them and keep the good stuff coming.

You get shared – In this day of social media and sharing, podcasts are easy and fun to share with friends.  After all, you are their new expert and they want to help their friends, so they will offer other people to listen to your shows or pass them to others.

Podcast Listeners are HOT Property –  This is the biggest point missed by marketers.  The typical marketing person is looking for quantity.  Podcasts offer quality.  Podcasts are niche programs.  The listeners are loyal and hungry for that topic and that host.  So they are willing to listen to your pitch as long as it is relevant to the podcast audience.

Podcasts are forever – From a marketing point of view, this is true.  You advertise on a podcast and people will be hearing that ad years into the future.  As long as the show is archived, its there to listen to by future prospects


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