So you found my website, listened to a few podcasts and maybe even watched a few of my videos.

Now you have a few questions.  The biggest one being ” What Can I Do For You?

In a sentence?   I can help you build a better business!

My passion and where I excel the most is helping other entrepreneurs to build a better business.  To help them take what they have already, find their “sweet spot” add in some technology and make it all grow better, faster and easier to manage while they build a better life around that business.  Together, we find new ways to get their ideas, their products out to a new audience. To help them find better ways to serve their current customers while also finding different ways to attract new ones.

I offer these areas of focus to help start or build your business better:

YouTube Video Marketing
Your business needs video.  I can help you integrate video into your business marketing and show you how to build a successful and growing YouTube channel that will make you an authority in your market and drive new business to your website

The best way to make you a star to your customers is to catch them in the ears.  Podcasting is the one medium that gives you uninterrupted time with your audience. Let them hear why you are The Authority in your marketplace and why they need to take your advice.  Let me help you set up, produce, and market your own podcast

Internet Marketing Coaching and Consulting
Building your business online can be a struggle.  It’s confusing and always seems to be changing.  So a little One on One coaching can help you see what you need to focus on, what really works for your niche and what will make your life easier while attracting a steady flow of new customers every month.

Social Media Marketing Coaching and Consulting
Everyone knows that making the sale is about making the connections online as well as offline.  Working together, I can show you how to make the connections, set up the social media profiles on the right platforms where we know your customers will be.  This will help you keep building the relationships via Social Media that will help drive more traffic to your websites.

Internet Marketing Management
My company can take the work away and manage it for you.  My people can set up and manage your social media profiles, giving you more time to focus on what you do best; run your business. We can make the posts, curate the tweets and pin the pictures that get noticed.  We can make sure your website is always up to date and search engine friendly.  we can make sure your social media accounts are alway getting fresh feeds and making new friends.   You give us the content or have us create it and we make sure the world gets it fresh and friendly.



Services are by the hour or by the project.
In person or via skype/Google Hangout


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