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My newest video will show you how to optimize your YouTube Videos on upload. Doing the optimization right on upload will save you time in the future and help you get found faster and be recognized as an authority in your niche because more people will see yours and not the other guys videos!

First thing you need to do is to set your default privacy to “Private”.  You want to be able to play around and work with everything behind the scenes before going live or “Public”.  You don’t want your subscribers to be notified that you have a new video and have them go there to see nothing but a video and some generic text.  Same with the search engines.  You want them to see it all optimized the first time.

Much like a blog post, your-your YouTube video titles and descriptions must be keyword rich, relate to the video, yet easy to read and not stuffed. Make it very organic search friendly since it will be read by all the search engines.

Somewhere in the description, you can add a hotlink to your website and those of your social media accounts and affiliate links that relate to the video.  I usually put my website first and in the show notes, put the affiliate links and at the bottom, put my social media links.  Also remind them to “like” the video they are watching and to subscribe to your Youtube Channeel

Unlike a blog post, YouTube reads the tags to help figure out what the video is about and what they should recommend to the viewer to watch next. Put your name and the name of your YouTube channel in the tags first.  Most search engines read about the first 250 characters of the tags. Nobody is really sure the exact number and each search engine works differently.

For bonus points, have the video transcribed and that file used for the closed captioning. The auto transcription in YouTube is not always accurate with the words. It doesn’t matter if you have it transcribed or not, Google does it anyway and posts what they think you said on the video.  So to be accurate and feed the search engines the right information, have it transcribed.  I use Fiverr.com for most of my work.


I hoped this helped and if you could, please leave me your comments below!

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