So you want to start your own podcast?  Good idea. I found that having your own podcast is great for generating new business while retaining your best current customers and making you the authority figure in your niche.

But where do you start?  How do you do it? What is the cost and how much work is involved?  All great questions and ones I want to answer for you.  But first, let me tell you I can do it for you. All of it or just part of it.  From being your cohost to the editing, the management and the marketing.  I can be your partner in the process and make it easy for you.

I’ve been podcasting since 2006 in several different formats and in various shows and specials.  I have launched over a dozen different podcast shows for myself, for clients and with friends. Now I want to help you launch your very own podcast.

Podcast Creation and Marketing Services

  • Pre-show scripting and organization of Podcast
  • Produce Your Podcast
  • Co-Host Your Podcast
  • Record Your Podcast
  • Edit the Podcast
  • After Show Updates and Discussions
  • Upload to the service(s)
  • Manage the Podcast updates
  • Market the podcast to social media and other sources

All Podcasting service packages include being listed and found in iTunes, Google Playstore and other “pod” directories

Services begin at $100 per one hour finished podcast

Contact me and lets talk about the possibilities, the potential and the power of your own Podcast
Call Mark Anthony @ (702) 723-8368