June Vegas Video Meetup

So you want to buy a drone and start shooting those amazing videos for your website?
You heard all the horror stories about “No Fly” zones and needing to be a licensed pilot?

So what exactly do you need to know to go out and start operating that fancy new drone and making amazing videos that will amaze your friends and competitors?

I’m glad you asked!  That’s what our June 27, Vegas Video Marketing Meetup is all about.  What You Need To Know about making drone videos.  We only have 90 minutes, so it will be just the basics.  And the presenter is Kevin Cloney.  Not only is Kevin a Personal Development Coach, he is also a licensed hot air balloon pilot and holds several drone pilot licenses and certificates.

He will be showing us some of his tools, toys, and gadgets as well as offering some insight into what it really takes to operate an unmanned aircraft systems or “UAS” as the FAA officially calls them (we call them drones)

Talking about apps, regulations, rules of the road (air?) and other topics as they pertain to operating a drone and shooting video either as a private individual or as a business/professional.

As always, bring your questions, your experience, and your friends!

Meetup Details:

The Innevation Center
6795 Edmond Street – Third Floor, Las Vegas, NV

Doors open at 6pm
Meetup begins at 6:30pm
Meetup Ends at 8pm


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Mark Anthony is the founder and host of the Las Vegas Video Marketing Meetup Group.

We are a meet-up focused on discussing using the power of video in our Internet marketing and social media efforts.

Different topics will cover tips and techniques for using video. Harnessing the power of YouTube, facebook, and other sites to build brand awareness, generate more traffic and create more sales with video. What makes a video go viral. Plus other topics related to Video Internet Marketing.

Meetings are free and are hosted at The Innevation Center 6795 Edmond Street, Las Vegas, NV (215 and Decatur.) Follow signs to the 3rd floor!

Meetup is open to anyone interested in knowing more about Video marketing, Internet marketing, and Social Media marketing.
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