16 Keeping Google Mobile Search Happy

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Mobile Search freindly

A well-fed (mobile) search engine is a happy (mobile) search engine and rewards your website with nice, fresh quality traffic (business/customer opportunities)!

In my opinion and from what I have read, that’s basically one of the driving factors behind Google’s big Algorithm changes last month.  To give people doing searches from a mobile device, better responsive websites.  The first new rankings when viewed from a mobile device, will show websites that are quick to load, mobile friendly, responsive and have easy to read content.  Making sure the viewer has to make as few of moves or adjustments as possible to see what you have on your website.

  • Mobile friendly websites will show up first in results when made from a mobile device.  When doing a Google search from a desktop, nothing changes.
  • Each mobile friendly page will be marked with a “Mobile Friendly” indicator at the beginning of the results on Google
  • This is a page by page determination.  Not a site-wide designation.  So you can have what you need to be mobile and what needs to be full page can still be full page.
  • Part of the determination if a page is mobile friendly is how fast it loads and if its easy to read.
  • Images need to be optimized.  Images also needs to be properly named to turn up in image searches.  The “alt” tags should be filled out describing what the photo is in under 150 character
  • Font should be more than 12 points tall

You need to be mobile search friendly.  Why cut off that channel of traffic, no matter how small or large, coming to your website?  Its more new visitors. More new opportunities to sell them, inform them and educate them.  Do you know where all your traffic, all your visitors are coming from?  Have you looked at your website analytics lately and seen where most people are finding your site and what is making them go there?


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