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Ask Mr Mark Podcast 23

Several weeks ago I posted a video on how to post to a WordPress self-hosted website In it, I said that the new “norm” for content creation is about a 1200 word post. Almost double what the search engines used to say was an acceptable worded post.

That may have caught a few people off-guard as they seem to find difficulty make the old 500 word standard. So how does one change their writing habits (or start one) and start to curate search engine friendly, reader responsive posts that have more words??  It’s the same answer I give when people tell me that they can’t write.  They don’t know how to write and if they did write, it would suck!

Just Write Something! Now!

Never mind what they will look like.  We all have to start somewhere and sometime  So just open up the editor, chose a topic and start writing.  Accept the fact that your first 100 posts will probably suck.  So What?? It’s like anything else, it will get better the more you try to do it and as you find that voice inside your head and let it out. It will be better, more informative and relaxing as you go.

Everyone has an opinion, a thought on just about everything.  And people like to hear that thought, that opinion.  Some will like it, others will not.  But you won’t know until you start writing something.

Why are you in the business that you are in?  Why are you in that job?  Tell me.  No, better yet, talk to me.  Don’t give me the press release version. The dry, boring Who, What Why and Where.  Give me your version of the Who What Why and Where.  Put it in Your Voice and be like you are telling a friend what is happening.

There are things happening in your marketplace I may not know about or not understand.  So tell me your side of the story.  Inform me.  Don’t make me read all the other people’s stuff before you tell me.  I want your thoughts and opinions.  Give me the straight scoop from your side of the fence. What do you see happening? Who is moving where? What’s the next generation of your product, service or business going to possibly look like?

I Don’t Have an Opinion

I will always call “BULL” on that answer.  You have an opinion and if you want to be seen as a leader, an authority in your channel, you need to let that opinion be known.  You can walk the fine line and be unbiased to a point. You don’t need to stick your heels in and say “its this or nothing”.  But you can’t be middle of the road, not black and not white on an issue and be seen as anything important.  You can question another person opinion or a general feeling on a topic and not be controversial.  Every question has an answer and we want to know what yours is.  Tell us the background. Show us another view and educate us as to why you think that way.  But you need to start writing something now to get to that better point and develop that voice.

People love underdogs, they like to catch a rising star and to say “I knew them when they were nobody’s”.  As you develop your inner voice and develop a writing style, your readers will grow and enjoy being in on the growth with you and to watch the change in you because you are influencing them as well by sticking your neck out there and doing something they may not want to. or they just enjoy hearing another opinion on the subject matter.

Music Unblocks the Mind

I have always found music works best to unblock the mind and can also teach me to be a better writer by being a better storyteller.  Listen to songs that tell a story, hear how they turn a word or a phrase.  Use a pause.  Some of the best songs take a boring story and make it come alive. Something that could be said in 30 seconds, you will sit and listen to for 3 minutes instead.  Why? Because of the style it is told in.  The story.

With a WordPress Blog, You can sit down and crank out several posts at once then set them to post periodically over the coming days, weeks or months.  So when the mood strikes or the topic excites you, sit down and start writing.  Just write something.  After you wrote it, then go back and fix the errors, change the flow of the sentence.  But write first and not worry about grammar on the first pass.

Yes, Your Writing Will Suck 

In the beginning it will.  Just like your first day of the new job, you sucked at it.  Be honest, you did!  But stay with it, keep it up and the voice will come out from inside you. The one that will define your style and your editorial ways.  You can always go back later, after you feel your writing has improved and fix the earlier stuff.  Or recreate them in an updated version, keeping the original for good SEO Marketing.

Just understand that the first few will not be the best, but they are a start and thats where you need to be.  Just start writing.  Look around your business, your marketplace, your industry and see what sparks your mind to say something about .. The Write Something!

Don’t Count Yet!

Yes, for great content marketing results, the “experts” as well as the search engine guru’s all say to be at around 1200 to 1500 word posts.  That is not an iron clad rule and not for all posts.  Its an Average.As you add images you can talk about and other clips, you will have more content and want to expand. But not all of them will be that wordy.  So what!  The one thing that has to be constant is consistency.  Quality and consistency.  Keep the site fresh with new content so the usual readers will want to come back and the new readers will want to dig into the archives to see what they missed.  Give both groups something to read !

To do that, You Need To Write Something Now!

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