I Can Do This? What’s “This”?

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Ask Mr Mark, I can DO This

So YouTube made some changes to their monetization policy and made a few other changes that affected the smaller content creators.  So I decided to once again, get back to the basics and relaunch my oldest YouTube channel that actually had this URL on it.  Doing that, made me realize what I really should be doing is helping those in the same situation.  Starting a website and YouTube channel from scratch.

So I Did.

With a more focused tagline:

Ask Mr Mark – Your “I Can Do This” Answerman

So What is “THIS”?

When trying to narrow down my focus for this channel, I had to realize what it is that I really could do. What problem am I solving? And I figured it out. I help people make the changes in their careers and lifestyles to be able to take them from “I Can’t Do This” to “I Can Do This”.

The “This” is something for you to answer but for me, to help you discover its answer.  It’s something that will bring positive change to your current situation.  Make you do something you thought you couldn’t do that will improve your current situation.

Since I focus on small business, entrepreneurs and those who want to be, I like to help people find something to be passionate about.  Take that passion and create a business, an income stream around it.  I help you go from: what the?? To: Hot Dang, I did It!!



Find Something That You Love To Do and You Will Never Work Another Day in Your Life

My passion is helping people find new answers, new ideas and new sources of income. To help them create a better life online.  All of us have something that we want to do, are going to do or we should do. But things get in the way. The biggest one of those things is us or the people around us telling ourselves “I can’t do that”. Then you meet people like me, or you find websites like this one, where you begin to realize “I can do that”.

My role here is to help you find something that you can be passionate about.  Finding something you can do to create another income stream.  Helping you find ways to set it up, make it work and move it forward.  Interviews, stories of people who have been there.  Bad lives, bad jobs until they found that one thing they could get behind, get passionate about and build a new business around.  Sometimes they make it a full-time thing, sometimes they make it a side gig, a side hustle.

This is where we will go down the road, starting from nothing and building an online authority site or sites and how to create a business, an income that will add to or replace what you are already making.  Create something you can enjoy doing and having fun with it.



Your This

A lot of this is probably not making much sense.  But it will.  Your “This” is out there, waiting.  Once you find it, you may not stay with it for long and that’s ok. As you get more comfortable and more confident in what you are doing, your passions and desires will change, grow or expand and that’s ok.  Nothing is here forever.

If you ever wanted to start a home-based business, have a side gig or “Side Hustle” as they like to call it nowadays;  If you are currently doing something online and need some help with making it bigger or better, let me know. I can help.  Ask me the questions and let’s find the answers.

I’m here to help answer your questions. Give you the tips, tools, and resources to build an online business and a life around your new found passions. Relax, you got “THIS”



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