Greetings and thank you for your interest in being a guest on with Mark Anthony.

We usually use Google Hangouts On Air to facilitate our interviews and virtual conversations. Don’t worry.  its easy, fun and a great way to promote your brand.

What is Google Hangout On Air?

Using the power of Google and YouTube, we hook up “on air” via a simple webcam connection.  Nothing to buy, no complicated instructions. No major studio or transportation needed.

With Google Hangout, we have a set of “guests” – That would be you, me and maybe a few other people who can talk amongst ourselves “On Air” while the rest of the world watches.  To help stimulate the conversations, those watching live can interact via chat or text.

Our Hangout will be recorded live in HD on Google+, YouTube, and our website.  It will be automatically saved on our YouTube channel where you are free to embed it on your website or share via your social media contacts.  Great for marketing, promotion and instruction.

What Do I Need to Participate?

  1. A Gmail or Google+ Account
  2. Quiet Room
  3. Webcam with good internet connection

For those just wanting to watch, there will be a signup page that also will send out a reminder of the “Hookup” before the event.

As a guest – Thirty minutes (or less) before the start of the event, I will email you the link and bring you into the pre-launch page where we are on camera to each other but not “live”.  This is when we can talk, make sure we are all properly connected and ready and just general prep before the event starts and the world gets to see us.

When logging on to Google Hangout- you may be asked to install a “Google Toolbox”  go ahead and do it.

Tips to Make You Look Good

  1.  A good Webcam
    The webcam on your laptop usually makes the image look grainy and not really focused
  2. Mic and headphones
    Again, the built in microphone on laptops are condenser mics and pick up everything.  Having one you can hold or put closer to your mouth works great.  Headphones or earbuds will keep the conversation from echoing into the production
  3. Wired Internet
    You can do this with regular home wi-fi, but again, the production value is poor and the chances of slowing video or disconnect is greater.

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