How to Fix Your Keurig Not brewing

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Sometimes it can be the simplest things to throw off your whole day. Like waking up to find your business partner and wife has an “Emergency” in the home office. Her Keurig coffee maker isn’t brewing. Oh, No!! Stop the world and fix it. Please!!

Well, I’m not being the most mechanically inclined, so I applied some simple logic to the situation.  Water in and coffee out.  Ok, that’s easy. Not brewing means no water entering the thing-a-ma-jig. Simple.  Open up thing-a-ma-jig, disassemble the pod holder and there it was.  A clogged needle that punctures the pod. Water unable to pass thru pod and into the coffee cup.

For me, it just means a simple burst of canned air. For others, it will probably mean a paperclip bent straight and poked thru the hole. And if there is one to poke the bottom of the pod, there has to be one to pop the top of the pod.  Look up and there it is.  Two blasts of air and its done.

    • Don’t forget to unplug the machine before doing any repair
    • After assembly, plug back in
    • Hit the reset button on the back of the machine after plugging back in
    • When assembled back in place, brew several cups of water first, not coffee as it cleans out whatever bits of coffee grounds or dust that is still left in the needle valves
    • Tell wife emergency has been fixed, the world can return to turning and we can now get our day started and get back to running the business.

If this has happened to you, I hope this little tutorial has helped. If you have an “office” problem or a technology or marketing problem you need help with, hit the contact button and let’s see what we can do to help solve the problem.



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