24 Finding Your Passion with Profit

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Ask mr Mark Podcast #24

This week’s podcast Mark Anthony is joined with his good friend Marty McIntosh to talk about finding your passion that can also be profitable. Many people are led to believe that if they have a passion, they can build a business around it. That can work sometimes but not all the times. There needs to be a balance there.  It’s something you like to do and there are people willing to pay you for that.  Then you have a possible business.  But how do you find that?

The Passion Finds You

Many times that business idea and the passion you may have for it is not known until you are challenged.  Someone asks you a question. Wants help to solve a problem or a mystery.  And they are willing to pay you for it.  Often times this comes when you are not really looking for it and when you have stepped out of your comfort zone and see new things.  It’s all about solving a problem and enjoying the effort to create the solution while getting paid for doing so.

My two favorite people who are experts on helping others find that purpose and offer them direction is Barbra Winter and Bob Baker.  Both have an interesting path on how they found that passion and how they were inspired to build a business (or more) that has served them well for years.

A Degree is a Temperature

When talking to people about their passions or what they want to do for a business often starts with “Well, my degree is in…”  and I stop them there.  That’s not the answer.    If your formal education is the basis of your business, than you should have found your passion.  For many people, they are finding that’s not the answer.  What you like to do, what you want to build a business around is not always connected to what your formal education was about.  Look around.  There are too many possibilities to be tried to a “degree”.

The Power of Having a Passion

In this podcast, Marty said it best when he said “we have the power to heal ourselves”.  That one sentence is so packed with power its almost unbelievable.  We can heal ourselves and a lot of people have pains and problems because they are not doing what they should be doing.  They are in a job they hate.  They are doing things that are boring and unproductive to them and sucking the life out of them.

I’m not saying everyone who hates their job should run out and start their own business. That would be foolish.  But you should be doing something you like.  In a field you want to grow in and like spending time in.   Punching a time clock or being an entrepreneur is best enjoyed doing something you like to do.  When you are doing something you like, its not work.  You don’t stare at the clock all day and life just gets better all the way around.

Go Play  Flute

The one thing that stops some people in pursuing their search for a viable business to build is their location. They get trapped in thinking that they limited to the local market.  Forgetting their skills, not their education could be sold globally. Telling themselves, or worse, letting others convince them that  “Nobody here wants that! Try something else”   Get over that and think:  what if you could live where you wanted to and build a profitable market somewhere else?

While looking for other music related websites for a later podcast, I discovered Rebecca Fuller, a music teacher from Utah who is a classically trained musician.  I am sure there are some wonderful people around Utah who love to learn how to play the flute and will seek Rebecca out.  But that really is a small market.  Thankfully she saw the larger picture.  She took her love for the flute and the passion to teach others and went online.  She created  learnfluteonline.com

Now using a keyword rich domain name, a membership site with videos, lesson plans and chats, she is the inspirational mentor, instructor and teacher to people around the world who want to learn to play the flute.

Start Your Own Podcast

My own plug here.  I like to help people start and build a better business. One of the best ways to build a business is with a podcast.  If a stuttering boy fromMinnesota can do it, you can do it too!  I want to help you start and manage your own podcast.  If you want to start one, I am here to help you. Contact me and lets talk. Its free to talk!


Hope You Enjoyed this Podcast. There is a YouTube Video of it.  Leave us your comments and questions to Answer

Thank You

Mark Anthony


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