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When I first started to do Internet Marketing many moons ago, I was coding my own web pages with Microsoft FrontPage (don’t laugh, I found a lot of great websites built with it!).  Some of my buddies were raving about this new website called WordPress and I needed to look at it.  “This,” they said was the future of the Internet.   Yea, right…. You couldn’t use your own domain, it was a basic journal in an online form that you shared it all with a bunch of other people.  There was nothing that differentiated your journal from the next person’s just one click over.  This was not the future of the internet.

I continued building and updating with FrontPage, time went by and WordPress finally started to mature. I found that you could now have a WordPress template on your own domain so  I started to use it on niche sites. They were still pretty plain, simple looking yet effective for niche marketing.  Not much good for anything else.  Then one night, I was jumping around the Internet when I came across a really nice website that just popped out.  I was fascinated by its layout. It looked like a website for a real magazine or how a news site should look, but I knew I was on a mom & pop website. No way they could afford such a well-coded, customer catching site like that!  The footer said this website was designed on a “WordPress Theme by Revolution” So I followed the link and discovered a company now called StudioPress and I rediscovered WordPress.  It also introduced me to a thing called “Premium Themes.”  Now I saw the future of the Internet!

Revolution was started by a guy named Brian Gardner, who had a pretty good “down and out life until I discovered coding” story and I loved what he had already designed. So I did something I thought I would never do, I bought a theme. When everything I needed to build an ordinary functional WordPress website was free for the taking, why would anyone pay money for a theme??  Brian convinced me it was worth the cost and to buy a theme instead.  That I would soon see the difference in search results as well as traffic.  So I took the risk and I did.  My new website was a dream to setup, to operate and to update. He sent out frequent emails that explained how to improve your marketing using the WordPress themes as well as the advantages of a premium theme. I loved how he did not make them pushy sales emails, but informative emails that happen to include his themes as the center of the examples.

Seeing the advantages of using a WordPress premium theme over using the standard free WordPress themes on several of my own websites convinced me that I needed to buy all his themes.  I was thinking of new websites I could build just to have an excuse to buy a certain theme he had created.  As karma would have it, the clouds parted and I got an email from Brian saying to please support him in his marathon run for a charity and he would give me (members of his mailing list) the whole package.  Every StudioPress theme ever created and all the updates for life.  Now that was an offer too good to pass up!

In an instant, I became a Revolution Themes brand ambassador and sang their praises any chance I got.  I loved the themes, I loved the community Brian was building up as well as the normal WordPress community.  I stopped coding and started to build everything on the WordPress platform.  I was rocking with my Internet Marketing with WordPress, Brian Gardner and Revolution Themes!

I’m still a StudioPress fan, but as you can see, this website is not on one of their themes.  It is on a new one I recently explored and decided to try called Magazine Theme by MHThemes. So far I like it.  As with StudioPress, it’s easy to set, good tutorials to help you answer any questions and it’s coded to keep Google Search happy. Smooth coding, fast load times and mobile friendly themes that still keep the professional image of the desktop.

Today, some of the biggest websites use WordPress as their content management systems (CMS).  StudioPress is one of the most preferred and loved brands when it comes to WordPress premium themes that work.   One of the biggest selling points to suing WordPress is the community. Like the software, its an open and sharing community that spans the globe ready to help with any question or problem you may have.  The learning curve, if there really is one, is simple and fast.  the updates are always on cue and always seems cutting edge. trying to keep the users safe and growing.


if you have any questions or need help setting up or building a WordPress site, please do not hesitate to contact me. we can set up a consultation or I can refer you to a resource that can help.

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