Talking with the Tax Man about entreprenuers

25 Talking About The Tax Man!

December 20, 2015 mrmark 0

Sometimes you just need to bite the bullet and talk about that one thing we hate to talk about;  Taxes.  Today I get to talk with my friend, enrolled agent Jimmy Epley from JD’s Tax […]

Ask mr Mark Podcast #24

24 Finding Your Passion with Profit

December 8, 2015 mrmark 0

This week’s podcast Mark Anthony is joined with his good friend Marty McIntosh to talk about finding your passion that can also be profitable. Many people are led to believe that if they have a […]

Ask Mr Mark Podcast 23

23 Just Write Something! Write Now!

November 23, 2015 mrmark 0

Several weeks ago I posted a video on how to post to a WordPress self-hosted website In it, I said that the new “norm” for content creation is about a 1200 word post. Almost double […]

Podcast 22 ask mr mark anthony

22 Making Money with

November 4, 2015 mrmark 0

  The holidays are almost here and people will be out shopping.  People will also be out looking for ways to make money to buy these gifts.  This podcast episode fits both of these categories. […]

Ask mr Mark Podcast #21

21 Making More Money With Uber (and others)

September 15, 2015 mrmark 0

After a long, drawn-out battle between the Las Vegas taxicab cartel and the general public, plus a few legislative battles, it looks like Uber, Lyft and other ride-sharing companies will finally be able to roll […]


20 Selling Yourself on Fiverr

July 24, 2015 mrmark 0

  Thank You to all my listeners, readers and fans…  We made it to another milestone, Podcast Episode #20!!  Many podcasts never make it past 5 episodes and I’m betting you were wondering if we […]

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