27 Going Beyond Your Uber/Lyft Side Hustle

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Making Money Beyond Uber

So as an Uber/Lyft driver, you are not making the big bucks you thought you would? Yet, you want to stay driving, but want to make more money while driving? Ok, let’s look at getting a “side Hustle”. In other words, let’s find a way to build up another income stream while still doing your Uber thing. Put a side hustle on your side hustle!

First up, you are doing this because you want to do this. That’s’ important. If not, get out now and go find something else to do. Life is too short to be working crappy jobs. But if this is what you want to do, give it all you got and build something amazing!

Now, remember, you are an expert.You know something that the person next to you doesn’t. And in the world of professional driving, that’s a lot. There are people you know, people you associate with and people who want to know you, that haven’t a clue to what’s happening around you as you drive all around your town. People are too busy living to keep up with that’s happening in their own town or neighborhood. That’s where the money could be.

Hired drivers see more in their town than the average citizen. You are a professional driver because you are working in a town that has things happening. What are those things? What is being spread around in the news media that could use more clarification? maybe an insider’s point of view? or just an opinion. People want to hear from you.
You have time on your hands waiting for that next call. Use it to build up a YouTube channel, report on local events, thoughts, “person on the street” interviews.  Tell us how your new diet is going or how about them Cubs??

It’s not instant money, but its money. And it can lead to other opportunities. Become an authority on your town, your convention business, your street fairs. Get interviewed by the news media, get invited to see shows and talk to conferences. Get free merchandise to review or to use and abuse for research.

Be Professional

Don’t get cheap on the video. You want good, clear high Def video.  You don’t need 4k, but do not record in standard definition. High Def or nothing.  Small, sports cams are affordable and can be mounted almost anywhere.  They can be recharged by your phone charger so you can always be ready for when things happen in front of you.  Easy to edit and post as quickly so you can get the best chance of getting high viewer counts.



YouTube isn’t paying?
I know, YouTube isn’t paying new channels.  The new YouTuber’s have to have 10,000-lifetime views before Adsense kicks in. Not a problem…  An Uber driver, sitting next to a park will easily see a squirrel or a chipmunk hustling for food. That’s an instant 10K view YouTube video if there ever was one!

Besides, there are other ways to make money from your YouTube video.

Inside the YouTube video and video description, you have an opportunity to put in affiliate links, create an ebook about your diet, your driving experience, your baby changing routine. Almost anything.

People love the common man view on life even if it’s in their own town. People want to hear and see your town. Be their tour guide, their informer. Start a newsletter or podcast.

Put Yourself Out There

This is what separates the famous and well paid from those who are not.  Putting yourself out there. Not caring what others thought, just getting out there and letting people know who you are and what you are doing.  That will open new doors to new money making opportunities.

  • Selling photos you took while sitting and waiting for your next ride
  • News updates. Some stations pay for tips and video referrals
  • Giving feedback on what you heard from an unnamed client (use discretion on this one)Answer forum questions on a podcast or video (get questions from Tripadvisor forums, etc..)
  • Be the voice for a project or a cause in your town and cover their events, people, and platform


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