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Right now, it stopped being about the $60.00 they ripped me off for, its the principle of the matter.  You take money out of my account as a deposit to hire one of the “freelancers” you have advertised, then deny me a refund while you deceive me while hidding behind your “compliance department”, I have a problem with that.

I do not have a problem with the people I have hired when I was using They were all excellent and worth what I paid them.  I never had a problem using them one project at a time.  When I started to hire long term, is when started dinging my account for weird and unexplained amounts.

Then when I went to look for my balance, I discovered they have no way for you to really know what they are holding or how much they paid to feeelancers on a payment basis.  Thier dashboard keeps you guessing while the unexplained charges keep hitting your PayPal account everytime you log on.

To get any customer service, I had to dispute a payment via PayPal.  They quickly responded while they clamped down on my account, not allowing me to add or withdraw money from my account while they “verify” my identity.   Didn’t they do that when they withdrew the money?

So many emails later, I am still fighting for my money while they claim the charges are justified, you just need to know where to look in the dashboard under some hidden tab that may lead you to another dashboard that details the withdraws.  The fees are supposedly posted deep under their T&C pages.  But not posted or detailed on your dashboard or on the subject line of the payment like more

Reputable companies do not hide their fees and will post them on your dashboard as well as on the subject of the payment.  Not!  They want to hide it and bury it so you just pay it and not ask about it.

Same with Deposits. They would be listed in detail. does not do that.  They just figure you should know it, why should they tell you what they are holding.  It’s not like they will return any money to you!!

And they can’t do anything about my deposit until their “compliance department” finishes running the verification on my identification.

Even if all the insane charges are justified, that still leaves over $60.00 in my account they are not releasing to me.  And my Identity was verified upon the first payment!

If you plan to use, know this:

  • They have no real customer service.  The “live chat” is not live nor is it chat.  It sends you back to their FAQ section
  • To get their attention, you will need to do what I did and file a dispute with PayPal.  Then they will answer you.  Most likely with a pack of lies and deflections.  Everything goes back to “we are waiting for our verification department”

According to their website;

Your submission was successful and is now under review. Your account will remain limited until we can confirm your identity and aim to have this resolved within 48 hours.

We are now entering week 3.  That’s a lot longer than 48 hours!

When I started to use them, I saw the reviews.  Most were favorable and the bad ones were tolerable. I could see both sides.  So I used them for a couple of jobs and everything worked well.

I felt safe jumping from a single project at a time to hiring a freelancer on their site for a long term project.  Now I learned my lesson.perienced and do great work for good prices!

This is not about the people who advertise their services on there. I have met some wonderful people from around the world who work on that site.  They go great work at affordable prices and deadlines. is a scam and they may not do it right away, but they will take your money like they have mine!

This is my experience, Your Milage May Vary!



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