12 Being Thankful for Small Business Retailers

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America was founded on small business. We bought from each other, we shopped main street and we helped our neighbors by creating new businesses that solved problems and made life easier for everyone.

Today that way of life is threatened. By mass retailers, the internet and peoples addiction to getting everything fast and simple with no thought to what its costing you, your neighbors or your communities.

Yes, its often cheaper and faster to get off the Internet with one-click shopping or from that big box retailer. But ever go past them and see whats around the corner? What’s local?? Try It!

Think About It
Each time you make a purchase from a business, you are impacting another business. From buying a simple candy bar and soda at 7-11 to buying a new car at the dealership. Every sale you create, YOU decided one business gets your money and one business does not. What jobs stay in town and what jobs are lost to a business far far away.

Yes, that one purchase of a candy bar at the local convenience store carries a lot of meaning and messages about what you think about your town and your community; Who stays in business and who closes up shop.

Yes, I can buy my wife that new lens she wanted for her camera online and save myself a hundred fifty dollars over going down to the local camera store and buying it.

You know – The place where I can say hello to Jim behind the counter because I know his name from the last time he helped me free of charge. He took the time to give some answers to a problem I was having with her camera. So was saving that $150 worth losing Jim and that business? Not really

Shopping local can include franchise and online stores. There are many small business that are franchises owned by families and small groups of people, not major corporations.. Plus many great small online retailers that are in your community or neighborhood. Checkout websites like ETSY or ask friends for recommendations. Almost everyone knows someone with an online store. Arts, crafts, photography even furniture making can be online!

Small businesses are what makes America work and makes this country great.
Small business provides the jobs, the new ideas and the catalyst for the brighter future.
You need small businesses, America needs small business!

Ask Yourself  This

As an entrepreneur, as a small business owner and friend to the community, I ask you to ask yourself two question this year when you are out shopping for gifts or anytime you are buying something.

“Will this dollar I am spending stay in the community? If not, is there another place in town I can shop that will keep that dollar here??”

Now don’t just shop local for the sake of shopping local. Most small business retailers go that extra mile to win your business. Reward them with that business.

The small business is the one paying the taxes, not asking for a bailout and living by the rules. They hire the kids, sponsor the little league teams and keep the lights on in the parks. They need your acknowledgement and they need your support.
Look around and open your eyes to the many small businesses around you and you may be surprised at what you find. Go walk thru ther doors and say “hello”

Happy Thanks Giving and blessed holiday season to you and to your family.
God bless the small business owner because they are what make America work

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