18 – Backing Up and why I switched from CrashPlan to BackBlaze

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Your life is on your computers.  For many people, your business is on the hard drives surrounding your desk. What happens WHEN it all goes wrong??  because know it WILL go wrong.  The hard drives will crash. The office gets flooded or robbed.  You are left in the cold with no files.

That was my issue. My entire business sits on little hard drives in and around my office. Videos, podcasts, images, documents, etc… So I started to back them all up with CRASHPLAN. I love their service. SIMPLE to use.  Download the program, chose what you want and hit the button and it starts doing its thing.  Backing everything up to the cloud.

When it came time to do the same for my wife and her Photography, I needed something even more foolproof than CRASHPLAN. A photography buddy recommended BACKBLAZE. Download the software, let it find the drives and it goes to work, backing everything up to the cloud.  SUPER Simple to use.  Almost foolproof.  I always say almost because you know someone out there will find a way to screw it up.  But it is SUPER Simple to set up and run.

The First Time

We have pretty fast internet at our home and my office, but we both have TONS of digital data to backup.  The first time either service started to back things up, it took days!!  We both had nearly a terabyte of data to backup. Mine took a little over 10 days, hers took about 10 days.  After the initial backup, it will work in the background and any time there is a file change or hard drive added, it will find it and back those files up as well. We have BACKBLAZE set up to run a file check once a night.

Both services offer unlimited storage, no file size limits and both have a mobile app.  CRASHPLAN will keep deleted files indefinitely, where BACKBLAZE will keep deleted files for only 30 days. In case you change your mind and want it back or the file was on a mobile drive you removed from the system.

CRASHPLAN offers a 30-day free trial and BACKBLAZE offers 15-day free trial. BACKBLAZE now offers “Locate my computer” service if your computer gets stolen or separated from you.

The Choice is Yours

The two services are almost identical.  Each has just a little different offering than the other. So its more of a personal choice on which one to go with.  They even go toe-to-toe on pricing. BACKBALZE is $5 a month.  CRASHPLAN is $6 a month.  Both offer yearly discounts.

The real question is not if you should backup your digital life, but When are you going to backup your digital life?

First off, you should back it up locally, like to an external hard drive.. For added piece of mind, back it all up off-site, to a cloud service like CRASHPLAN or BACKBLAZE.

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What are your thoughts on backing it all up? Is there a better service than these two??

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