When building a business online or brick and mortar, it’s a good idea to know who your ideal customer is.  Be able to describe them in as much detail as possible.  Then build the business around that person.  In the world of Internet marketing, we call that person your Avatar.  So Who Is Your Avatar?   The better you answer that question, the better your business will be.

Who is My Avatar?
This is not as easy as it sounds. Especially if you want to build a successful niche business.  I would like to say anyone who wants to build a better business and use the Internet to find customers is my Avatar.  But that is a little too vague, too general.  In reality, there are some segments of the general business population I would not be a good fit for.  I want to work with people I can relate to,  Who will “get” me and understand where I come from.

Let’s face it, I’m fifty years old.  I grew up with small businesses on every corner and a rotary phone.  People like me grew into all this Internet stuff where the millennials were born with an iPad in their hands!!

So I like to start there.

Who Is My Avatar?

  • They have a dream of starting a small business or have one already going they want to grow.  It may be Internet based or it can be brick and mortar.
  • They want to grow that business sensibly to be bigger and better, to be respected in its niche.
  • Computer literate.  Internet knowledgeable.  Proficient at the K.I.S.S. principle
  • They have questions and need real world answers from a person who they can relate to.  Answers that will work for them, not cost much or are free and do not have a long or steep learning curve.  Ask question. Get Answer. Get back to running the business.
  • Not looking to be an instant multi-millionaire.  They want a business that can support them comfortably to the way they want to live and to grow it at a steady and manageable pace.
  • They know they or their customers are not attached to the internet by their umbilical cord. Not much patience for “Googling” and searching a lot of websites and questionable resources.
  • They understand they can’t be on all the social media platforms, but they do want to keep it where it’s real and be where their customers would be.
  • Want to learn the best way to find, reach and keep better customers.  Quality over quantity.