5 Reasons why you should not attend New Media Expo 2015

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If you are in the world of “Mew media” – Podcasting, YouTube videos, blogging, etc, You have heard of the event New Media Expo or NMX.  If not, click the link and check it out.
All the “guru’s” of the New Media world will be there and are all raving about how wonderful it will be and why you really need to be there.

So I wanted to take the other approach. I want to give you 5 reasons why you should NOT attend the New Media Expo in Las Vegas on April 13 -16, 2015 (aff link)

Five reasons to NOT Attend the New Media Expo in Las Vegas

Reason one

The crowds. All the people who will be there.  the people who will want to talk to you, tell you their story and ask about what you do and how you can help them or they can help you.  Crowds of people to meet and get to know…. The new friends and business associates you will meet by going to NMX. Horrible idea (lol)

Reason Two
The topics. you will hear experts talk on: Making a better podcast. How to create more fans to your YouTube Channel. Experts in marketing will teach you new ways to make money from the Internet. Wait… The Internet is a passing fad. Right??

Reason Three
The Speakers. People who walk the walk and talk the talk. Why would you want to be there to hear them talk??  They will show you how they do it and how you can be successful as well.  Why attend NMX when I can Google that?

Reason Four
Access to NAB. The National Association of broadcasters convention is next door and NMX pass holders can get access to this event free!  More professionals in the world of broadcasting to talk to. New techniques, more equipment to look at and line up to upgrade your studio. Who needs that hassle??

Reason Five
It’s in Las Vegas in April. Pool season has started. Who wants to come to Las Vegas in April for a convention??

Use my affiliate link to get all the information and to sign up https://askmrmark.com/nmx

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