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Ten Days….. I was camped down in the WNFR Media Room for ten days, helping other website owners cover the annual Wranglers National Finals Rodeo (WNFR) in Las Vegas.   Basically that means playing backup to their needs. Helping to cover the sprawling city wide event.

Making sure they got the right photos with the right tweets and that Facebook was kept filled and other social media profiles were being dripped fed the proper content .  All the while, following up with analytic’s, Search Engine Optimization of social profiles and postings.

What I walked away with was the sad realization that many people in the world of “media” still think:
a) The Internet is a passing fad
b) Post it and they will come
c) We can do the “Duct Tape and Baling Twine” approach to media marketing

A) The Internet IS NOT a fad
In some ways this was the most shocking, yet it really wasn’t.  The CEO of the PRCA, the governing body for this rodeo, assumed that big mainstream media (CBS, etc…) is where its at to find new fans.  That the Internet is just not where its at for building a larger fan base.  Figuring going with the big boys is better than going niche and ignoring the glaring changes in how or where your fans consume your product is a plan for disaster.  Especially when your brand is already having reputation problems from your mismanagement.

B) Post it and they will NOT come!
Sorry to inform some of you but the Internet has matured. It takes more than just making a post to get people to click the link and come to your website. there is a science to it all and you need to know it.  Writing a post and hitting publish does not make you an internet marketer.  If it does, it make you a very poor one.

Your post title must make them want to read more.  To attract their attention. Your photo needs to give them someplace to go. Where did this come from?? Yes, you need to make money from your efforts.  Being social and having 200,000 “friends” on social media is great. But in the end, you need to be paid for your time and effort. You need to pay for your services and to keep the lights on.  Therefore you need to get some of those “friends” to do something that in the end makes you money. They need to know where to go for more information and they need to know what you want them to do (click a link, subscribe, buy, etc..).

C) Duct Tape and bailing twine is for the farm, not the Internet!
There once was a time when just having digital media on your site wowed the pants off everyone. Those days are long gone. So are the days of needing high end, expensive equipment to produce a quality video or podcast.  I don’t do “Good Enough” – There are great deals on Amazon, ebay and craigslist for modern, affordable equipment capable of producing quality digital media without having to jerry-rig cables and old equipment together in order to produce a product that is “good enough” in a digital world.

Want me to work with that set-up? Expect my fees to double!!

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