04 Where Mark Anthony – The Business – Began

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Today’s podcast looks back at where my business career began.  When I went from being Mark Anthony  “The Employee” – to being Mark Anthony  “The Business”  – The podcast was sparked by a email from a listener who wants to go from being a Cubicle Rat to being His Own Boss.  He is wanting to learn from those who went before Him (smart idea).  Asking how did I go from there to here!

So I wanted to do this podcast to show you I am not just some internet guru who got a golden parachute from his last job, got a website and started a podcast on business.  I have well earned scars and stripes from the trenches.  Building, improving and expanding businesses.  Taking nothing and making it into something.

I like to let people know that what they are doing today, isn’t what they have to be doing tomorrow.  That everything can be done better.

Being open and honest is the way I do business and so here is the brass tacks of how I went from a lowly tech grad moving to southern Georgia to being a self employed business specialist with multiple streams of income. The fact that it took awhile for the student to be ready for the opportunity to appear.  To fail is to be real.

Everyone has opportunities to be something better, to move up and on in this world.  What’s right for me is not always whats right for you.  They just need to be ready to see the changes and accept them.  To discover they have a talent other people can benefit from.

For me it also meant that I had to step back and let my world crash down around me before I realized what all I had and the opportunities I was missing or abusing.  That meant being diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder at the ripe old age of 35.

Going through the therapy for ADD, I realized all the opportunities I missed, I screwed up on and why.  Understanding why and how to put it all back together helped me create the business that I am.  To know that I have what others need and want and what the need is and how to deliver it.

I can help any business or any person start, market and manage any business better…

I can help your business grow, get more customers and make more money.

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