03 Don’t Fear The trolls. They will make you money

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Almost anyone who has been on the Internet for any length of time has come across a troll.  Some nameless person behind a keyboard who wants to make your online life miserable because they did not like or agree with what you wrote.  For blog owners or people who post regularly in their website, these trolls can make doing business online difficult.  Especially if you bow to their demands or change what you are doing in hopes that they go away.

Don’t fear The trolls

On today’s show  I am joined with my buddy and web guy Dr Marty MacIntosh to discuss trolls and how you can turn their frustrations into cash for you and your website.  The trick is not to fear them or feed them, but to let them feed you with fresh constant traffic while keeping your website optimized for business.

Most trolls are just online bully’s.  They are angry, upset at their own life and how they have done nothing with it and they resent you getting some sort of fame they missed.  (logic is not a trolls strength).  Unfortunately most people fear them. In this instance it was a client’s website and the client started to change their writing style trying to not offend the troll.  I set him back on track by telling him what the troll was doing to his traffic and his increase in online sales.

Why Internet Trolls Can be Useful

Trolls on the Internet are often likes worms to a yard; healthful but unwanted. Let them blast away.  Maybe not on your site, but somewhere else.  That will get the attention of other readers wondering who the troll is attacking and they will now go to investigate what got the troll all worked up. That drives traffic to your site and in most cases will expose the Internet troll for the fool that they are. Thus shutting them up.

In the instance I used on the Podcast, I called the troll out and thanked him for all the sales he was generating for me every time he attacked me on a forum board or his own website.  Bad idea because he stopped harassing me…. Such an easy and cheap marketing tool he was..

Always Optimized

Whether you have a troll or not, your website should be ready for the big time.  To get noticed and ready for tire-kickers and buyers of things you want to sell them.  You just never know what will set off the traffic alarms.  The most minor things will get the most attention….

High Fives for Fiverr.com

When I need something fast like a video or audio transcribe; or need a quick article written and not in the mood to go through a bidding process on websites eLance, I use Fiverr.com. When Marty needed a banner done and didn’t have a budget or an idea, I referred him to there as well.  Think of them as the craigslist for projects.  A website filled with a lot of junk mixed in with some great gems…

Customer Support Saves the Sale

Customer support, even in the Internet days is important to saving a sale and keeping a customer.  Speedy replies that acknowledge the customer do wonders.  In my case, it was an email from the CEO (maybe).  Just the fact that I did not get a form letter helped calm my nerves and extend my patronage.

Podcast Hosting

I used to host my own podcast MP3 files.  But after a hosting crash, started to use a separate service provider dedicated to podcast hosting/.  Actually running a test between Libsyn and Blubrry to see what one works best for my shows and my way of working.


As Always:  Your thoughts, Comments and Questions are welcomed..  let me know what you think.


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