02 Do I Still Need a Website??

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In this episode, you meet my “Go-To” Web man Marty McIntosh as we discuss the most popular questions I get when out networking or talking to groups is “Do I Still Need a Website” – Since they already have a Facebook Page and Facebook is THE place to be, plus maybe a twitter account; why would they need to “still” have a website?

In a word…. YES.

In this podcast I am joined by my fellow traveler, webmaster and go-to-guy for website repair, Marty McIntosh (yes, that’s his name!) to discuss just a few of the top reasons you still need a website.

Remember AOL?

If you do or if you don’t remember America Online and how that was THE place to be on the web, the point is the same. Facebook, Yahoo, Pinterest, or whatever… won’t always be there or be THE place to be for internet marketing.  Fads come and fads go……  Popularity changes.

You keep the chickens in one building, but you keep your eggs spread around..   You have a website as the home base.  Your internet office and store front.  Use the other sites as a marketing outpost.  A beacon to direct them back to the website.

Captured Audience

When a potential customer finds you on Facebook or other social media websites, they are also seeing a bunch of other potential places to visit and to occupy their time.  Get them to go someplace quiet, someplace where you can talk and show them what all you can do. That would be your website….  Once they leave the congested social site for the well placed, well fed website you call your won, they feel better and can be more focused on your message.

Post Once, Push Everywhere

Having a website, especially one built with a WordPress template, once you hit the “Publish” button, you are able to automatically distribute your fresh updates out to many of your favorite social media sites.  Keeping everyone informed, all the proper social media sites updated and more people to see what you are trying to say. All directing them back to your website.

Google Love

Google.  The mother-ship, the overload, the big pink painted elephant in the world of search, loves to see you have connections as well as a home base.  You get more “love” from Google and other search engines if you have a base ( a website) and that base has connections to other social media sites.  They tend to favor companies that are well connected in their search engine results.


In Google-Speak, this means you are the one to go to on this topic.  And you get that power by having a focused website with connections to other social media websites and articles posted on other quality sites with links back to…….  Your Website….

Invest In Yourself

Do you want to buy a widget from some guy selling it out of the back seat of his car or from a storefront?  See the point??  Call me old fashioned, but show me you are at least somewhat serious about building your business by investing in it.  Have a website.  Something I can feel like will be there tomorrow.  Something you control and have invested some of your own money into that says “here I am”…

I Can’t Keep Up with The Changes

The final response is a plug.  Its a valid question we totality understand.  The rules to successfully marketing on the Internet change almost daily.  You have better things to do than keep re-learning them.  you have a business to run and people to support.  That’s why we started Tour Talk Media.  Tour Talk Media is designed to market and manage your website, video and social media properties and profiles.  So you don’t have to.






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