Beware is a scam


Right now, it stopped being about the $60.00 they ripped me off for, its the principle of the matter.  You take money out of my account as a deposit to hire one of the “freelancers” you have advertised, then deny me a refund while you deceive me while hidding behind your “compliance department”, I have a problem with that.

I do not have a problem with the people I have hired when I was using They were all excellent and worth what I paid them.  I never had a problem using them one project at a time.  When I started to hire long term, is when started dinging my account for weird and unexplained amounts.

Then when I went to look for my balance, I discovered they have no way for you to really know what they are holding or how much they paid to feeelancers on a payment basis.  Thier dashboard keeps you guessing while the unexplained charges keep hitting your PayPal account everytime you log on.

To get any customer service, I had to dispute a payment via PayPal.  They quickly responded while they clamped down on my account, not allowing me to add or withdraw money from my account while they “verify” my identity.   Didn’t they do that when they withdrew the money?

So many emails later, I am still fighting for my money while they claim the charges are justified, you just need to know where to look in the dashboard under some hidden tab that may lead you to another dashboard that details the withdraws.  The fees are supposedly posted deep under their T&C pages.  But not posted or detailed on your dashboard or on the subject line of the payment like more

Reputable companies do not hide their fees and will post them on your dashboard as well as on the subject of the payment.  Not!  They want to hide it and bury it so you just pay it and not ask about it.

Same with Deposits. They would be listed in detail. does not do that.  They just figure you should know it, why should they tell you what they are holding.  It’s not like they will return any money to you!!

And they can’t do anything about my deposit until their “compliance department” finishes running the verification on my identification.

Even if all the insane charges are justified, that still leaves over $60.00 in my account they are not releasing to me.  And my Identity was verified upon the first payment!

If you plan to use, know this:

  • They have no real customer service.  The “live chat” is not live nor is it chat.  It sends you back to their FAQ section
  • To get their attention, you will need to do what I did and file a dispute with PayPal.  Then they will answer you.  Most likely with a pack of lies and deflections.  Everything goes back to “we are waiting for our verification department”

According to their website;

Your submission was successful and is now under review. Your account will remain limited until we can confirm your identity and aim to have this resolved within 48 hours.

We are now entering week 3.  That’s a lot longer than 48 hours!

When I started to use them, I saw the reviews.  Most were favorable and the bad ones were tolerable. I could see both sides.  So I used them for a couple of jobs and everything worked well.

I felt safe jumping from a single project at a time to hiring a freelancer on their site for a long term project.  Now I learned my lesson.perienced and do great work for good prices!

This is not about the people who advertise their services on there. I have met some wonderful people from around the world who work on that site.  They go great work at affordable prices and deadlines. is a scam and they may not do it right away, but they will take your money like they have mine!

This is my experience, Your Milage May Vary!



New Home, Making the Adjustments


Greetings All!

We have just moved from DreamHost, where it’s been hosted for the last ten year to its new hosting location with  SiteGround.  So we are needing a little time to get the new home spruced up and to get everything back in place and looking new again.

Not much will change, my focus is still helping you to build a better (small) business that makes your life easier!

What will change is the amount of resources, tips and techniques to help you be a better business owner.  More videos, more podcasts and more stories from those who have walked before you!

Mark Anthony

Talking About The Tax Man!

podcast the tax man JDS Tax Service

Sometimes you just need to bite the bullet and talk about that one thing we hate to talk about;  Taxes.  Today I get to talk with my friend, enrolled agent Jimmy Epley from JD’s Tax and Financial Solutions about being an entrepreneur, making money, taking tax deductions and the best ways of keeping the tax  man away.

I always like to know how or when they found that passion to start their own business.  For Jimmy, the third time was a charm.  With a degree in Computer Science to being a Vegas dealer to starting his own tax business.  From not wanting to work for “The Man” to being his own “Man” with a business that solves a problem for other business owners and entrepreneurs.

Here’s some of the nuggets from this podcast:

It’s Just a Hobby

According to the IRS, if you are in it to make money, you are in a business.  You may think its a hobby, but if your purpose for that “hobby” is to generate any money, its a business.  After it starts making money, then becomes a business, you need to file taxes.  A hobby is something you are not doing to make money.

Separate your money from day one.  Its best to keep your personal money separate from the business money.  If you are a sole proprietor, it’s not necessary, but it’s easier to manage and to focus on if you have one bank account for your personal money and bills and one for the business.

Management by statistics:  Look at the numbers.  What is your business is doing, what it has done and what it’s going to do.  Have more than one stream of income.  Do not keep it all in one client, one product or one service.

Independent Contractor or employee?  The IRS has 21 factors to determine which one you are. It comes down to control and loss. How much control do you have over the project or job and do you have the chance to make or lose money?  The more control you have and the more financial risk you have, the more you are an independent contractor.

The Home Office Deductions are real and often missed!  If you use the office at home regularly and exclusively, take the home office deduction. Mileage is another one missed by many entrepreneurs as well as Employees!! If you need to use your car for work, most of those miles or depreciation can be deducted.

Uber and Lyft Drivers, Take Note!!  If you need something to run the business and to help you potentially make money, those costs could be deductible.  The question is “Are they ordinary and necessary?” If so, deduct! newspapers, business cards, etc….

Use Technology to Document. Using apps to record your mileage, expenses and what they were used for, helps in documenting why you claimed the deductions that you claimed.  Also makes record keeping much easier.

Cell Phone Deduction.  If you have only one phone, its not deductible.  You must have a home or basic phone line  for personal use. The second phone line (smartphone) can be deductible!  So it may be tax advantageous to get a cheap phone service/line for the home.

Document the Receipt. The 5 things the IRS looks for on a receipt. When, why, where, how much and for what.  As always, the more information, the better to prove your case for the deduction if ever questioned.

Documenting Opens Doors.  Making money, paying taxes and having the documents opens doors for you and your future. Solves problems, lets you see where your money is going and lets others know you are real and serious.  You have less to worry about and can focus more on whats really important; building a better business and more fulfilling life.

Ask Someone Who Has been There. Like almost anything else, its always best to go up. You want to be around people better than you are, so you can excel to their level. You want to take advice from someone who has the experience, not someone who wants to be there!

Take the Risks, Enjoy the Rewards. That’s the best part of being an entrepreneur or owning your own business. Its not always easy or successful, but the rewards are so worth the efforts.


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Finding Your Passion with Profit

Podcast 24 Passion with Profit

This week’s podcast Mark Anthony is joined with his good friend Marty McIntosh to talk about finding your passion that can also be profitable. Many people are led to believe that if they have a passion, they can build a business around it. That can work sometimes but not all the times. There needs to be a balance there.  It’s something you like to do and there are people willing to pay you for that.  Then you have a possible business.  But how do you find that?

The Passion Finds You

Many times that business idea and the passion you may have for it is not known until you are challenged.  Someone asks you a question. Wants help to solve a problem or a mystery.  And they are willing to pay you for it.  Often times this comes when you are not really looking for it and when you have stepped out of your comfort zone and see new things.  It’s all about solving a problem and enjoying the effort to create the solution while getting paid for doing so.

My two favorite people who are experts on helping others find that purpose and offer them direction is Barbra Winter and Bob Baker.  Both have an interesting path on how they found that passion and how they were inspired to build a business (or more) that has served them well for years.

A Degree is a Temperature

When talking to people about their passions or what they want to do for a business often starts with “Well, my degree is in…”  and I stop them there.  That’s not the answer.    If your formal education is the basis of your business, than you should have found your passion.  For many people, they are finding that’s not the answer.  What you like to do, what you want to build a business around is not always connected to what your formal education was about.  Look around.  There are too many possibilities to be tried to a “degree”.

The Power of Having a Passion

In this podcast, Marty said it best when he said “we have the power to heal ourselves”.  That one sentence is so packed with power its almost unbelievable.  We can heal ourselves and a lot of people have pains and problems because they are not doing what they should be doing.  They are in a job they hate.  They are doing things that are boring and unproductive to them and sucking the life out of them.

I’m not saying everyone who hates their job should run out and start their own business. That would be foolish.  But you should be doing something you like.  In a field you want to grow in and like spending time in.   Punching a time clock or being an entrepreneur is best enjoyed doing something you like to do.  When you are doing something you like, its not work.  You don’t stare at the clock all day and life just gets better all the way around.

Go Play  Flute

The one thing that stops some people in pursuing their search for a viable business to build is their location. They get trapped in thinking that they  limited to the local market.  Forgetting their skills, not their education could be sold globally. Telling themselves, or worse, letting others convince them that  “Nobody here wants that! Try something else”   Get over that and think:  what if you could live where you wanted to and build a profitable market somewhere else?

While looking for other music related websites for a later podcast, I discovered Rebecca Fuller, a music teacher from Utah who is a classically trained musician.  I am sure there are some wonderful people around Utah who love to learn how to play the flute and will seek Rebecca out.  But that really is a small market.  Thankfully she saw the larger picture.  She took her love for the flute and the passion to teach others and went online.  She created

Now using a keyword rich domain name, a membership site with videos, lesson plans and chats, she is the inspirational mentor, instructor and teacher to people around the world who want to learn to play the flute.

Start Your Own Podcast

My own plug here.  I like to help people start and build a better business. One of the best ways to build a business is with a podcast.  If a stuttering boy fromMinnesota can do it, you can do it too!  I want to help you start and manage your own podcast.  If you want to start one, I am here to help you. Contact me and lets talk. Its free to talk!


Hope You Enjoyed this Podcast. There is a YouTube Video of it.  Leave us your comments and questions to Answer

Thank You

Mark Anthony


Show Links

Build an App Business with Zapable

Start an APP making business

I know some of you had asked about starting a business building apps for your local small business market. You wanted that quick and easy, done for you  “App Business in a Box” that would make it easy to get started and making money quickly.  Well, I think I found it.  It’s called Zapable and the recent updated version crossed my desk this week.

Checkout Zapable

I am not in the app making business, so I have no experience with this product.  It is an offer that seemed like it would interest some of my readers and for anyone who wants to easily get into the business of making apps.  I know it is a large and growing market, especially for local businesses that are too busy to make their own and want someone to do it for them and to help manage the app after the sale.

The video explains the product and its uses very well and let me know what you think…


Tap this $4.4 Billion Dollar market

There are over 27.2 Million Small Businesses in the USA alone. 86.2% have said they would love to have an app, but think that’s just for the “Fortune 500 Companies”.  It’s NOT!

* It’s as easy as ‘cut and paste’ their content from their website, and you can do it live in front of them.
* Blow their mind by showing them how to send out a ‘push button’ notification to clients or customers who downloaded their app. Such as: “Get your free legal consultation today” or “Happy Hour: 2 for 1 Drink Specials”

* Allow them to take orders online or book reservations right from their phone. (this can save them a lot of money in labor cost alone!)

* Digital Loyalty Card. “Buy 6 Coffees, Get 1 Free”. Virtually stamps your card.

This is the easiest way to start your own turn-key business
selling mobile apps to local clients. Charge $500 – $3000 per app plus charge an ongoing monthly maintenance fee. Plus, you will discover how to land clients without ever leaving your home.

Check It Out Here

You’ll want to act now because the price is going to
go up in a few days, and you can take advantage of
the discounted price during the initial launch.

3 Ways to Shop Local This Holiday Season

Shop Local, Save A Business

The one thing I ask of my friends, family, and clients at the end of the year:  Please Shop Local when you can. The Job You Save May Be Your Own. The Business You Save May Be Your Neighbor’s!  Most people do not have a clue to how important that small business is to your neighborhood.  The jobs it provides inside the business as well as outside the business, the tax base it supports and the benefits it brings to your neighborhood and community. Once it’s gone, it’s gone and you will wonder if it was worth ignoring in order to save $2.50 shopping at Amazon.

The amazing thing is that is really is easy to shop local this season and all year long.  Here are three easy ways to shop local and support your neighborhood business owner.

  1. Notice the Small Business Owner.  It’s that simple.  The next time you are at the grocery store, look around the mall.  See all the other businesses?  Franchises, as well as mom and pop shops contribute to sustaining your local community as much (if not more than) the big box stores do.   Take a few minutes and check them out.
  2. Shop Locally Online.  Now I bet you never thought you could shop online while supporting your small, local businesses!  But you can.  You probably know a friend, a client or a neighbor that has a website.  Or they have an Etsy store or an eBay shop.  Working from home either part time or full time, they make sales and they spend some of that money supporting the local community too.  So shop their stores online.  Drop them a comment and tell them you are a local and that you are buying from them.   They would appreciate the words of encouragement.
    Even if it’s just a small blog that only has a few affiliate links on it, I ‘m betting it’s like this one, it has an Amazon link or button on it.  You’re going to buy from Amazon anyway, why not let your neighbor have a piece of the action?? It doesn’t cost you anything to help them out (Hint: My Link)
  3. Pay It Forward.  I realize we are all trying to save a buck when we can.  But at what cost to the future of our shopping experience??  Save Now, Pay Later?? So the lens you want costs $350 at the local camera store.  But Amazon has it for $315.  In the big picture of things, was it really worth saving $40 to lose that local resource?  The one place you can go to when the online store can’t or won’t help you?  That one place you can walk into and they will answer your questions, give you advice and not push a sale on you?  That one store yu can quickly run into and grab what you need NOW?? They could be one or two sales away from calling it quits and closing their doors.  Was it worth losing THAT place in order to save 10%?

Now I am not asking you to patronize the local merchants just because they are local merchants.  Like any good business, they do need to earn your business and many of the will work very hard to do just that.  If you give them a chance.

One of the great things about shopping a local small business is the opportunity to meet and talk with the owner, or at least a vested manager who has some skin in the game. Where you can ask them about the business. Give them ideas, feedback and maybe suggest new items to carry or a new service you think they could provide and you would want or need.  If you are thinking of it, so are others.

Shopping small business can also offer a uniqueness to your shopping experience.  You may find new and unique item there that the big box stores won’t or can’t carry.  Hand-made items, creative manipulated creations from a more popular item.  Services that can be tailored to your specific need or  gift giving requirement.  Smaller businesses are able to move, change and adapt to the changing local market and provide quicker, better service with that local change.  Not everyone loves Moonpies!

I include franchises in this list because many of them are owned and operated by people in your neighborhood who invested their money and their future in the business and live in your community.  Most of the money they make stays in your community.  They provide jobs, buy other local services (that create other local jobs) and support community projects they may also be personally involved in.

So there you have.  My rant for the day.  If You Can Shop Local, I ask that You Do.  You May Never Know What Life You Changed By Doing So!

And don’t forget how blessed you are to be living in a land of opportunity.  Give a little back to those less fortunate than You.  Please donate some time, talent or resources to a local charity this year!  Ok??

23 Just Write Something! Write Now!

Podcast 23 Just write Something

Several weeks ago I posted a video on how to post to a WordPress self-hosted website In it, I said that the new “norm” for content creation is about a 1200 word post. Almost double what the search engines used to say was an acceptable worded post.

That may have caught a few people off guard as they seem to find difficulty make the old 500 word standard. So how does one change their writing habits (or start one) and start to curate search engine friendly, reader responsive posts that have more words??  It’s the same answer I give when people tell me that they can’t write.  They don’t know how to write and if they did write, it would suck!

Just Write Something! Now!

Never mind what they will look like.  We all have to start somewhere and sometime  So just open up the editor, chose a topic and start writing.  Accept the fact that your first 100 posts will probably suck.  So What?? It’s like anything else, it will get better the more you try to do it and as you find that voice inside your head and let it out. It will be better, more informative and relaxing as you go.

Everyone has an opinion, a thought on just about everything.  And people like to hear that thought, that opinion.  Some will like it, others will not.  But you won’t know until you start writing something.

Why are you in the business that you are in?  Why are you in that job?  Tell me.  No, better yet, talk to me.  Don’t give me the press release version. The dry, boring Who, What Why and Where.  Give me your version of the Who What Why and Where.  Put it in Your Voice and be like you are telling a friend what is happening.

There are things happening in your marketplace I may not know about or not understand.  So tell me your side of the story.  Inform me.  Don’t make me read all the other people’s stuff before you tell me.  I want your thoughts and opinions.  Give me the straight scoop from your side of the fence. What do you see happening? Who is moving where? What’s the next generation of your product, service or business going to possibly look like?

I Don’t Have an Opinion

I will always call “BULL” on that answer.  You have an opinion and if you want to be seen as a leader, an authority in your channel, you need to let that opinion be known.  You can walk the fine line and be unbiased to a point. You don’t need to stick your heels in and say “its this or nothing”.  But you can’t be middle of the road, not black and not white on an issue and be seen as anything important.  You can question another person opinion or a general feeling on a topic and not be controversial.  Every question has an answer and we want to know what yours is.  Tell us the background. Show us another view and educate us as to why you think that way.  But you need to start writing something now to get to that better point and develop that voice.

People love underdogs, they like to catch a rising star and to say “I knew them when they were nobody’s”.  As you develop your inner voice and develop a writing style, your readers will grow and enjoy being in on the growth with you and to watch the change in you because you are influencing them as well by sticking your neck out there and doing something they may not want to. or they just enjoy hearing another opinion on the subject matter.

Music Unblocks the Mind

I have always found music works best to unblock the mind and can also teach me to be a better writer by being a better storyteller.  Listen to songs that tell a story, hear how they turn a word or a phrase.  Use a pause.  Some of the best songs take a boring story and make it come alive. Something that could be said in 30 seconds, you will sit and listen to for 3 minutes instead.  Why? Because of the style it is told in.  The story.

With a WordPress Blog, You can sit down and crank out several posts at once then set them to post periodically over the coming days, weeks or months.  So when the mood strikes or the topic excites you, sit down and start writing.  Just write something.  After you wrote it, then go back and fix the errors, change the flow of the sentence.  But write first and not worry about grammar on the first pass.

Yes, Your Writing Will Suck 

In the beginning it will.  Just like your first day of the new job, you sucked at it.  Be honest, you did!  But stay with it, keep it up and the voice will come out from inside you. The one that will define your style and your editorial ways.  You can always go back later, after you feel your writing has improved and fix the earlier stuff.  Or recreate them in an updated version, keeping the original for good SEO Marketing.

Just understand that the first few will not be the best, but they are a start and thats where you need to be.  Just start writing.  Look around your business, your marketplace, your industry and see what sparks your mind to say something about .. The Write Something!

Don’t Count Yet!

Yes, for great content marketing results, the “experts” as well as the search engine guru’s all say to be at around 1200 to 1500 word posts.  That is not an iron clad rule and not for all posts.  Its an Average.As you add images you can talk about and other clips, you will have more content and want to expand. But not all of them will be that wordy.  So what!  The one thing that has to be constant is consistency.  Quality and consistency.  Keep the site fresh with new content so the usual readers will want to come back and the new readers will want to dig into the archives to see what they missed.  Give both groups something to read !

To do that, You Need To Write Something Now!

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22 Making Money with

Podcast 22 Making Money with

The holidays are almost here and people will be out shopping.  People will also be out looking for ways to make money to buy these gifts.  This podcast episode fits both of these categories.  People who shop will make returns that creates opportunities for you to make money by reselling that returned merchandise.  So let’s look at a website that you can buy those returns from. 

This is a free website you can sign up for and start buying “lots” of returned merchandise. It is an auction type of a website.  You bid on “lots”, usually a pallet of returned or scrap merchandise from a bunch of different retail outlets.  Some are shelf pulls, customer returns, “no-sale” items or damaged products.  They have warehouses all across the United States.  I buy from the main one in Las Vegas and a lot of that is from

Why Liquidate?

Its now common practice in retail to make deals with manufacturing reps and dealers to buy new merchandise in bulk and in return for better pricing, the retail merchant agrees to not return any product.  So when you return something to a retailer, they either repackage it and put it back on a shelf with a heavy discount or not even deal with it and ship it off to a third party service to sell either outright or for a percentage of the sales.

Bidding, Buying, etc.

You open a free account and tell them who you are, your business name and what you plan to do with what you buy from them.  There is a purchasing limit for new accounts that is waived after your first successful buy.  Your log-in is also good on 6 other liquidation websites including two that deal with government surplus (including military).

The video(video link) will show you what the site looks like and the different parts of the Lots.  There is a manifest that tells you what is in the lot, the manufacturer’s suggested retail price of all the products (heavily inflated) and the general condition of the products.

bid-by-proxyYou bid by proxy, setting a maximum amount you will pay for the lot.  Your bid starts at its current place and increases until you are the highest bidder or you max out on bidding.  Much like eBay, you can set up a watchlist and wait until the last minutes of the auction to bid.  The auction can be extended if there is bid at the last minutes of the auction.  There is a buyers premium that will differ from auction to auction or seller to seller.  It’s usually under 10%.

After the sale has been confirmed, there is a short waiting period before the lot is ready to be shipped or to be picked up.  You can get a shipping estimate and hire a service straight from the site to ship the purchase to your location.

Read the manifest and do the math to see what similar items are selling for on other sites.  Get a feel for what you can buy it for and what you could sell it for.

I don’t do it full-time, so I am selective on what I decide to buy.  Usually, I go items I can sell locally on Craigslist or eBay and meet the buyer or local ship to.  I also have friends who do flea markets. So the pricing is different.  My goal is to double my money.  Putting most of the profit back into the next bid.


Don’t ever expect everything to be there. Most times the boxes will be opened and retaped shut. Not all the parts are returned and you won’t know that until you see it and hold it.  be ready to swap parts out or go buy new items to get to all to work and be sellable.  It’s difficult to sell “as-is” and get a steady stream of buyers and return buyers if they keep getting shorted on the details.

On the flip side, they often throw extra items in the lot that is not on the manifest. Bonus sales for you.

Its a business

It’s A Business

The thing I see all the time on the web about companies like is from disgruntled buyer who feels ripped off. Making it sound like they did not know what they were getting into and that such sites are a risk and a gamble.  When you read their reviews and get into the meat of it, you find they bid with emotion and not with common business sense.  They did not do the homework, research to see what the items would sell for. They saw the lot had an X-Box in it and went for that one item, no matter the cost.

Figure out what you are good at, what you think and know what could sell in your comfort zone.  Never be afraid to walk away from a deal or a lot because others are bidding it past the point of profit.  Look for the hidden gems in the various lots and watch the expiration times.  Many short timed deals will hit if the warehouse gets overloaded and they need to make room quickly for new arrivals.  Especially right before and right after a holiday or a big sales event like Black Friday!

My goal is always to at least double my profits and I always did that and more.  If you want to really make the big money in this, always reinvest.  Take most, if not all the profits and plow it back into bigger and better sales.  Get a rhythm going where you have a few bids out as you pick up new merchandise as you push old stuff out to your sources like craigslist, eBay, back onto Amazon and over to flea markets or swap meets.

Know what you are buying and what you can do with it.  The salvage merchandise is strictly for the experts.  They know they need spare parts to keep on hand or they know people who need the parts to complete a deal.  Returns are just that.  they were shelf ready and may have even been sold and returned.  I have purchased some lots that were just old stock that never saw the sale floor. if you want to do this on a regular basis, you want to get good at having spare parts around like remotes, plugs and connectors.

Pricing is not always about the lowest price.  Not all people are bargain hunters or have time to shop around. They see you have what they want and they have the cash.  I have sold at retail, below retail and even over retail.  Check the market and see what people are willing to pay. The extra time in research pays off!

If you give good deals and have friendly service, people will want to buy from you again. (it’s not all on low pricing)  Keep a list of who you sell to or make it a social media drip feed and keep people posted on what you have available or coming and you may soon find yourself needing more stuff to sell.  Not a problem to have and easy to fill that pipeline with products from other sources. But that’s all for another podcast!


What are your thoughts or experiences on 

Multiple Streams of Income

In this big world of ours, there is something for everyone.  I love it when I meet people who actually love what they are doing for a job.  Yes, people can be very happy doing the 9-5 thing and I salute them.  They found their calling and can’t see doing anything else.  Except they do wish they could have just a little more money at the end of the paycheck.

That’s when I want to talk to them about having multiple streams of income.  It’s not always about having another “job” or taking on the efforts of starting a small business, even if it is technically is a business.  But it’s a way to have extra money.  To not have that paycheck as the only source of income to pay the bills and buy the things that would make your life a little easier.

In today’s economic environment, you need something else to help make the ends meet and get over any hurdle that may come your way.  So it’s best to have multiple streams of income.  The best form of multiple streams would be passive income. Things you do once and forget it for awhile.  Another would be to be paid for what you already do or already know.

Affiliate Income

My first real niche website went live in 1996.  I had signed up for some affiliate ad network like Shareasale or something like thatLinksys and was just playing around. Trying to figure this all out.  One day I went to my mailbox and there was a check for $16.65 for some purchase someone made from a link on my website to a company I apparently had advertised.  I thought that was cool.

Then the next month I got another check for the same amount.  I’m getting paid for doing nothing. I posted the ad code and left it there.  That monthly check continued for over 5 years!  It’s not much, but it was basically free money.  Add to that the other checks from other affiliates I was playing with and it was enough to pay a few bills, take my wife out to dinner, etc…   I now understood the power of affiliate marketing and multiple streams of income.    I was hooked.

Your Talents on Loan

Ok, so let’s say you have a job with a  paycheck.  You also set up a little niche website you are working on building and generating some affiliate income.  But there is more.  Have an hour or two available during the day?  How about offering your services online?  Can you draw a picture? Make banners?  Do voice overs??  Join a site like Fiverr or Elance and offer your services freelance.  Work when you want and for how much you want in your spare time.

Sell Photos

With today’s camera phones, everyone is a photographer.  But not everyone knows they can sell those images of cityscapes, gardens and wheelbarrows.  Media agencies don’t like to get sued, so they buy images and video clips from companies like Shutterstock or Getty.  So where do these places get the photos to sell? From people like you.  Again, it’s not much on a per photo basis.  But after you build up a portfolio and start selling two, three or more a month, it adds up.  Think back to the first example.  Shoot the photo once, sell it a thousand times.

So now you went from having a paycheck as your source of income to haveing the paycheck, affiliate income, freelance gigs and photo sales…  You went from a single source of income that if you lost it today, you would probably be in a bit of a panic, to having multiple sources to help you over those rough patches.  It eases the fear of being broke, homeless or worse.

You Are The Boss

When you have those multiple streams of income and know you are not tied to your job or to that paycheck for survival;  That you have options.  Life gets a little brighter and little more fun.  You  have control of your destiny.  With that, you start seeing other opportunities, other ways to make money, create income and build a better future.

What is Social Media Marketing?

In very simple terms, Social Media Marketing is the process of gaining traffic or attention through social media sites like facebook, twitter or Pinterest. It’s a quick way to connect with your customers or potential customers, showing them what you are, who you are and what you are doing and to give them a reason to follow you or hopefully visit your website.

Why is this important to you and your business??  Social media feeds into people’s way of discovering new content such as news stories, people, and trends.  Social media allows individuals an easy way to share what they like with other people, giving them input and authority.  This gives the business an open door to new customers and allows them to share your story.

Marketing using Social media can also help build links that in turn support Search Engine Optimization efforts. People also like to perform searches at social media sites to find new social media content. Having well optimized Social Media connections may also impact the relevancy of some search results.  Search engines love it when your website is talked about outside your domain.

There’s Too Many of Them!! 

I know.  Every day there seems to be a new social media site that you “just have to be on”.  No, not really.   A good Social Media Marketing strategy is one where you spend the time and the energy developing the following where your top customers would be if they were on social media.   Not everyone lives on Facebook and not everyone is on social media. There is a balance there.  Each niche has their own Hot Social Media Site plus you need to be on the established mainstream ones.

Do research to see where your competition hangs out. Do a search on the various sites to see what the discussions are and if they fit your specialty.  Ask Your Customers!  I recommend that you focus on maybe two or three.  Understand the community in each. Spend more time on one to learn its ins and out.

I Don’t Have The Time!

Yes, You Do.  You just don’t know it yet.  Most of your Social Media marketing can be automated or at least enhanced by simple plugins or online tools.  I use HootSuite for most of my Social Media marketing.  I can post to multiple accounts, schedule posts and track clicks.  Working on a WordPress powered website?  You have JetPack that will automatically publish your new posts to different sites and services.